Precision agriculture starts with Esk. Let us help you get started.

If you’re a farmer or agronomist, Esk Spatial can help you leverage the power of GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to support your precision agriculture needs. With our GIS expertise, you can collect, manage, analyse and visualise large amounts of data from different sources, such as soil samples, weather stations, crop yields, and satellite imagery.

Our GIS technology can create high-resolution maps of soil characteristics, topography, and vegetation, helping you identify variations in crop growth and yield across your fields. This information can be used to develop site-specific crop management strategies, such as varying seed density, fertilisation rates, and irrigation based on the specific needs of each area.

We can guide precision application of inputs, such as fertiliser, pesticides, and herbicides, using GPS-enabled equipment. This can help reduce waste and optimise input use, leading to improved crop yields and reduced costs.

With Esk Spatial, you can track crop growth and health over time by integrating data from sensors, drones, and satellite imagery. This can help you detect early signs of stress, disease, or pest infestations, and take corrective actions before yield losses occur.

We can also model crop yields based on historical data, weather forecasts, and other variables, helping you plan your harvest and marketing activities and make informed decisions about crop rotation and management.

Our GIS technology provides you with a comprehensive view of your fields and crops, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that can improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of your farming practices. Trust Esk Spatial for all your precision agriculture needs.